A Glimpse Into My Thoughts….

Long time, no talk to! I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2014 is going to be an awesome year. I am speaking it into existence =).


So, what's been going on with me? Well, I have been working on building the Coily Candy brand… literally. Since I am a graphic designer, I created and designed the Coily Candy blog, and I am now working on the eBoutique site in addition to creating an identity for Coily Candy. In other words, I have been crazy busy!

Since I have so much on my plate, I have to admit that I have been debating on whether I wanted to continue blogging for Kinky Hair Affair or not. I didn't think I would have the time to do so, so I was ready to hang it up. I know I say time was a factor in my decision, but there are others. The blogosphere is so saturated and competitive that I have often wondered if KHA had it's own voice. I've also become a little bored with writing solely about hair. I know you all noticed that I have been posting less and less on the blog and on the KHA social pages…

After MUCH thought, I have decided to keep pressing on with Kinky Hair Affair, in addition to my other endeavors. Why? Because I DO love blogging, and I love natural hair. I have women letting me know daily that I have inspired them in their own natural hair journeys, and I can't just abandon them. Also, I know I've worked so hard to build the Kinky Hair Affair brand over the last year and a half, and I think it would be absolutely silly to let it all go. 

As I did some self-reflecting during the end of 2013, I realized that writing for two blogs, running and growing an online business, doing graphic design work, in addition to other things is extremely tough, but it's not impossible. I just need to have better time management and stop procrastinating all of the damn time. Really. I could be so much more productive if I just worked on these two things. Also, I need to remain true to myself and stay focused on what I want to accomplish in my life. It's normal to question yourself sometimes, but I need to stop worrying about what others are doing and what they may think of me and just do what I feel. Nothing worth having comes easy. I need to put in the work to have it all, whatever "it" is.

Since I am now entering my second healthy hair growth journey, I will continue to document my progress on Kinky Hair Affair. It's only right. You can find my journey to living a healthier lifestyle on the Coily Candy blog, in addition to everything that's happening with Coily Candy. There will also be a some integrating between the blogs going on as well. I think this is a great balance, don't you? 

Without making this post extremely long, I do want to say that I appreciate you all for supporting me in everything I do. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be doing everything I am trying to accomplish. And that's real.

Thank you!


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