Flat Twist & Bantu Knot Out!

I have been wearing protective styles in my hair since October, and now that Spring is here, it’s time for me to start wearing my hair out in fun styles again! Unfortunately, the winter weather doesn’t want to fall back at the end of March, but I’m wearing my hair out anyway!

Last week, I washed my hair and flat twisted my hair in large sections after I detangled them to save time. After allowing my hair to dry for a day, I took out the flat twists, and my hair was a hot mess LOL. Since my hair is still in the twa stage, the large twists didn’t give me the definition I wanted, plus my ends were in dire need of a trim. When I got home from work, I decided to trim my ends and put more effort into styling my hair while it was stretched. I settled on flat twisting my hair in medium sized sections and bantu knoting the ends to achieve a curly look.

I basically spritzed each section of hair with a little water and applied a light moisturizer (Eden BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk). Then, I started flat twisting my hair in the front towards my face. Next, I took the ends of my hair and wrapped it around itself until I formed a bantu knot. I repeated the same steps with my hair in the top and back of my head, but flat twisted towards my back. Ideally, I would have preferred to use perm rods or rollers, but I didn’t have any.


Once my hair dried completely, I began unraveling the bantu knots and flat twists with the help of coconut oil. The coconut oil helped me to eliminate frizz while unraveling the twists, and it gave my hair a nice sheen.


My hair after unraveling the flat twists

I was going out that evening for my BFF’s birthday, so I styled my hair in a cute curly frohawk by pinning the sides of my hair back with bobby pins. I was very happy with my hair. As I write this post, I am still rocking this style six days later. Of course, my hair is more fro’ed out, but I am giving y’all curly fro action.


Day 3 Hair!


Day 5 Hair

I loved the results of this style, and I’m looking forward to trying this style again. Maybe the next time, I’ll find some rods to work with.


  1. Alwina says

    Very pretty style! It fits your face nicely. I’m not in the twa stage but my hair is long either. I also need to prepare small/medium twists to achieve definition when my hair is dry. It’s a learning process. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Darlene says

    Looks very pretty on u! I’ve gta learn how to strand twist to the scalp. Still have yet to wear my twa out!

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