Perm Rod Set on Transitioning Hair

Hair washing day came for my niece Jasmyne, who’s transitioning, and guess who washed it and did everything else? That’s right! ME! I wanted to give her a cute style that would kind of mask her transitioning hair, so I settled on giving her a rod set.

Jasmyne came to my house without bringing the shampoo and conditioner I gave her, and I’m over giving her the hair products that I use in my hair, so I went snooping in my stash of many hair samples. Luckily, I found samples of the Curls Unleashed’s Lavish Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner she has. I proceeded to wash and condition her hair.


We deep condition with shopping bags in my house! LOL

Once I finished with that, I added the Curls Unleashed Leave-In Conditioner and blow dried Jasmyne’s hair on the low setting in four sections. I wanted to blow dry her hair first because as always, I didn’t have time to let her hair air dry before styling. I wanted to style her hair while damp so it could dry overnight and be ready to go when she went to church in the morning.


Nice & Curly Curl Me Up Curly Pudding

I decided to give Jasmyne a few flat twists on the right side of her head because I didn’t have enough perm rods to do her whole head LOL. I used the Nice & Curly Curl Me Up Curly Pudding to moisturize her hair before doing the flat twists.To prepare Jasmyne’s hair for the perm rods, I used the Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion. This product was applied to each section of hair before I rolled her hair on the perm rods. This product does make the hair wet, which is exactly why I wanted to apply it on dry hair. The key to this step is to simply make sure the hair is smooth on the perm rod while rolling.


Design Essentials Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion



So, come to find out, Jasmyne didn’t go to church the next day. She left the rods in until she had school on Monday. I came by to take out the rods for her because Lawd only know how it would’ve looked if she did it LOL. Once I took the rods out, I used olive oil to help me separate her curls. And BOOM! Check Jazzy out!


During this whole process, I tried to explain to Jasmyne how to shampoo, condition, apply leave-in, moisturize during the week, and the whole nine, so she knows how to maintain her hair once I don’t feel like doing it any more LOL. Hopefully, she’s listening.

I think we are going to do rod sets more often because I think she looks darn cute with them, and it’s simply a great transitioning style. I’ll probably incorporate flat twists more to accomplish different looks. I am considering making a tutorial on this style or a style similar to this next time. Stay tuned!


  1. says

    I have been natural for 11 years and i used to swear by perm rods. I love them because it keeps my roots stretched and my hair would be huge-loved it. I cut about 6″ off jan ’12 just to see what a big chop felt like and i just used a smaller rod-still in love! Rod sets (air dried) are the most versitile style for natural and transitioning hair.

    • says

      Thanks! Natural hair can turn out like that because the hair would be stretched. I think her relaxed ends made it easier to wrap her hair around the rods though. I’ll try it on my hair one day.

      • Toy says

        I have pictures of my completely natural hair set on perm rods both when my hair as long and short and it always looked the same as if I had a perm. How can I send you pictures to you?

        • says

          I have been wearing my hair like this for 2 mtohns.. I started it because I hate sitting under the dryer. Retwist, braid and I am out of the salon I keep the braids in for about 3 days( i dont wear them to work). I love it and my friend seems to like it also LOL.

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